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How to Boost Your Child's Immunity & Creativity | PediaSure

How to Boost Your Child's Immunity & Creativity | PediaSure

Why is immune system important?

Immune system plays a vital role in your healthy life. It protects your body from germs, antigens, bacteria and other foreign particles that can cause serious complications or illnesses. When it comes to toddlers, they are more susceptible to infections. Recurrent infections and prolonged number of sick days can be a hindrance in proper growth of your child. During early months of baby’s life, maternal antibodies help the child to fight microorganisms that were previously encountered by the mother herself but all other microorganisms are new for the child. With a compromised or underdeveloped immune system, less active germ can also cause adverse effects in a child. Frequently occurring infections help create a pool for memory B and T cells that will prevent reinfection by the same pathogen. Therefore, pediatric immune system must be prepared for health and well-being of your child.

Why is creativity important?

One of the most important roles in parenting is child’s physical and cognitive development. Most critical time period for child’s brain development and learning is from birth to five years old. Although development continues throughout your child’s life. But these early 5-6 years are crucial for overall trajectory of their lives. Social, emotional and physical development has a direct impact on their overall development. Therefore, it’s important to invest wisely in your young children to optimize their future well-being. Maximizing the best investment in their early lives can ensure greater future success.

How is choosing a healthy milk with optimal nutrient blends challenging?

As parents, choosing the healthiest milk for your child to ensure proper growth and development is necessary. However, parenting is also essential in making sure child gets enough sleep and playtime which indulges the child in many creative activities that also help in building strong body and hence boosted immunity. Nowadays, it is difficult to make children eat healthy with ready availability of fast food and snacks that are high in sugar and provide less calories. Providing proper nutrition can be a great challenge to ensure child’s normal height, weight, creativity and immunity. Good nutrition is important for child’s physical fitness. Children who get proper nutrition are more attentive in school and learn more compared to their batchmates. Developmental opportunities and active participation in them should be maximized during a child’s early years.

What does Pediasure contain?

Pediasure Powder is a complete, balanced nutritional supplement that is formulated to support growth, boost immunity and help to build a healthy, well-balanced appetite.

Its new triple-protein complex helps support growth and development. It supports brain and central nervous health. This can help your child be healthy, wealthy and wise throughout their lives. Pediasure has an added symbiotic oligofructose (FOS) prebiotic plus Lactobacillus acidophilus) to support immunity. It also contains 28 nutrients including essential vitamins and minerals to help support a healthy diet with optimum quantity of nutritional components.


How Pediasure helps achieve immunity and creativity goals?

To relieve parents’ stress Pediasure powder milk is available that promotes immunity building in kids. Pediasure symbiotic blend of probiotics and prebiotics FOS has clinically proven to reduce Upper Respiratory Infections (URIs) by 45% and is associated with fewer sick days. PediaSure powder milk has a special immunity boosting factor called immuno-nutrients; Pre & Probiotics, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Vitamin A, C, E that energizes and strengthens the immune system to naturally protect your child from all infections. Pediasure milk enhances height and weight gain according to your child’s age. 37 nutrients in this milk are enriched with protein, Calcium, and Vitamin that maintains good body mass and strengthens bone growth to attain the right height. However, this can be further promoted through exercise and maintaining a healthy routine. Pediasure powder milk composes of special and exclusive neuro-nutrients which ensure rapid brain development that results in enhanced intelligence and liveliness in your child. Boosted immunity and creativity in your child can help him or her in the long run.

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