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Many people are suffering from asthma, and doctors usually recommend the use of a nebulizer as breathing therapy or treatment. The nebulizer & aspirators deliver the same medication types as metered-dose inhalers which are also known as familiar pocket-sized inhalers. Price of nebulizer in Pakistan varies according to the brand type and use. Nebulizer in our pharmacy in Karachi is easier to use as compared to other MDIs, specifically for the children who don’t know about the use of nebulizer.

Special nebulizer for children

Many children born with asthma problem and with other breathing issue. It is very important to provide them nebulizer timely. Many adults with severe asthma issues and children can properly use our advance nebulizers easily. You can buy nebulizer online from our medical store in Karachi.

Advance Nebulizer techniques

Our advance nebulizers turn the liquid medicines into a mist that will help the patient in treating the asthma. These nebulizers come with a battery or electric-run versions. These devices are available in different size and you can easily carry with you in your pocket and large sized nebulizers are easily adjusted on the table and plugged into a wall. The nebulizers are made up of the base that holds with a compressor, a tube which connects with the air compressor, and a small container containing the medicine. You can check the list of online nebulizer in Karachi. These nebulizers are just a mouthpiece you used to inhale the mist.

Free delivery of nebulizers

We gives our customer free delivery of nebulizers. The nebulizers can deliver long-acting or short-acting asthma medication therapy. Additionally, these nebulizers give the same treatment. You can find the nebulizers online from here:

  • formoterol
  • budesonide
  • ipratropium
  • albuterol

Our professional doctors will find the best nebulizers for you. The medication type and dose will also recommended by our doctors. Our customers receive the premixed containers containing the liquid which can be opened in machine. For more information, visit our website or call us. Our professionals give you best consultation services.