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Refund Policy

Refund & Cancellation Policy

  1. How can I cancel my whole order?
  1. To cancel any order please contact our customer services on 0334-111-3423 or avail the cancellation option provided in the confirmation e-mail sent to you. Orders can only be cancelled before the order is dispatched. Once the order is dispatched, it cannot be cancelled.


  1. How can I cancel certain products from my order?
  1. EHAD Healthcare WhatsApp number, 0334-111-3423 can be used to cancel items from your order. However, once the order is dispatched, items can neither be deleted nor cancelled.
  1. How can I refund items?
  1. Please check all the products quality and quantity at the time of delivery. A claim of product quality or quantity won’t be entertained after the stock is delivered. If a product is opened and if the quality is not up to mark, please return it at the time of delivery, no later claims will be accepted. We will not be able to return a product if it’s not up to standard from inside after opening. 
  2. Products can be returned or exchanged within 24 hours of sale conditional upon the fact that the product is in its’ original packaging. The quality of the product being returned must be the same as when it was received. To return a product, please visit your local EHAD pharmacy. Pharmacy Locations can be found on our main webpage. Notwithstanding EHAD has sole discretion to refuse request of any return or exchange with or without giving any reason.
  3. Returns or exchange claims acceptance is conditional upon the availability of the original sales receipt being presented at the time of return.
  4. Refrigerated items, Inhalers, Sprays, Medical Devices (with no warranty), Test strips, Surgical equipment, Dermatology products and Loose tablets or capsules are neither returnable nor exchangeable.