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Abri-form premium [xl2] 20 are adult incontinence pads. Abri-form premium [xl2] 20 worn inside underwear to absorb urine. Abri-form premium [xl2] 20 helps to deliver maximum leakage protection. Abri-form premium [xl2] 20 is an ideal solution for people suffering from dementia. Abri-form premium [xl2] 20 is composed of soft cloth-like material, which makes it comfortable to wear. Besides, Abri-form premium [xl2] 20 special breathable design allows the air to pass through.

Abri-form premium [xl2] 20 composition help to protect skin from irritation. Abri-form premium [xl2] 20 has a top dry system. Plus, Abri-form premium [xl2] 20 quick absorptions maintain the exterior dry. Abri-form premium [xl2] 20 has four adhesive tapes, which hold the pad firm. Abri-form premium [xl2] 20 maintains comfort and helps you to relax while sleeping as well.

To use, Firstly, wipe the skin clean with wipes or a wet cotton ball. Place the Abri-form premium [xl2] 20 under the bottom. Make sure to keep the tabs side under the bottom. Pull the front of Abri-form premium [xl2] 20 between the legs and over the belly button. Snug the Abri-form premium [xl2] 20  by wrapping the side tabs to the front.

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