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Baisakhi is the mobility aids that help in walking or moving from one place to another by placing the weight of arms/ shoulders. Baisakhi is used in situations of legs injuries such as fractures, nerve or muscle damage, strains or sprains, paralysis. Also used in post surgeries of ankle, knee or hip by patients who are not able to walk or move normally.



Following are some uses of Baisakhi:

  • Baisakhiis very easy to use and highly durable.
  • Baisakhiis easy to carry. 
  • Baisakhican also be used by any age group patient depending on the severity of the condition.
  • Baisakhihas anatomical interfaces for the movement. 
  • Baisakhihas an option of adjustable height as well.



بیساکھی کے چند استعمالات درج ذیل ہیں:

  • بیساکھی استعمال میں بہت آسان اور انتہائی پائیدار ہے۔
  • بیساکھی لے جانے میں آسان ہے۔

بیساکھی کسی بھی عمر کے مریض کی حالت کی شدت کے لحاظ سے استعمال کی جا سکتی ہے۔

بیساکھی میں تحریک کے لیے جسمانی انٹرفیس ہیں۔

  • بیساکھی کے پاس ایڈجسٹ اونچائی کا بھی آپشن ہے۔





  • Anatomic contoured underarm pads: Baisakhi is used in conditions of injuries where the person cannot move or walk with the help of Baisakhi that have anatomic contoured underarm pads that help place the weight of arms or shoulders.
  • Aluminum alloy frame: With high strength aluminum alloy frame, the patient can move easily.
  • Height and weight: Baisakhi can easily bear the heightup to 984/745±5 mm and weight up to 110 kg.



Baisakhi should be only used when hurt or injured or post-surgery. 


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