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Lacteus 2 is baby formula milk. Lacteus 2 is a powder milk containing all proteins from cow’s milk. Lacteus 2 is the source of nutrition for infants from 6 - 12 months.  Lacteus 2 is artificially made milk which satisfies the nutritional needs of the baby. Lacteus 2 contains all essential nutrients which are required by an infant’s body. Lacteus 2 is the best choice for women who are not able to produce breast milk enough to satiate their little ones. Lacteus 2 belongs to FORMULA MILK category. Buy the best baby formula milk Lacteus 2 from EHAD Healthcare at the finest price with free home  delivery.


USES: Lacteus 2 provides all essential nutrients that should be given to a newborn for his best growth and development. Lacteus 2 guards the baby against infections. Lacteus 2 is the best choice for mothers who are not in a position to breastfeed the newly born. Lacteus 2 is a powdered milk so it can be given at any time and at any place. Lacteus 2 is also helpful when a mother is having breast sores or pain.


SIDE EFFECTS: Lacteus 2 is not an alternative to mother milk. Lacteus 2 sometimes may be not easily digested by newborn and causes vomiting. Lacteus 2 contains prebiotics so it may cause diarrhea or bloating in some infants.

PRECAUTION: Use Lacteus 2 only after a doctor prescribes it. Do not overdose Lacteus 2 to an infant.

WHEN NOT TO USE: It is not suitable to use Lacteus 2 when an infant is suffering from diarrhea.

 INTERACTION: Lacteus 2 contains prebiotics so it may interact with drugs like antibiotics and antifungals.

DOSE. Take Lacteus 2 as recommended by the doctor.


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