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Olorganic Raw Sidr Honey - 400 Grams

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Raw Sidr Honey:

Characteristics: Distinctive Sidr aroma, reddish brown color and moderately sweet.

Source: One of the rarest and finest, Sidr honey comes from the Sidr tree commonly found in the mountainous regions of Pakistan. In many parts of the world Sidr tree is considered sacred and is being used as a natural medicine.

Benefits: Sidr is a powerful antibacterial agent that eliminates chronic and cystic acne resulting in ‘cleaner and younger looking skin’. It boosts immunity, cures sinus, lowers bad cholesterol and is also a natural aphrodisiac.

If you’re seeking health and wellness benefits in a bottle of honey, look no further! It comes from the highly revered Sidr tree which is being used in natural medicine since centuries. It holds the esteemed status of being mentioned in the Holy Quran (Sidrat-al-Muntaha). What more can we say!

Sidr honey is deemed to be among the most exquisite out of all honeys. The bees carrying the nectar are closely monitored in order to ensure that only they are feeding off nectar from Sidr trees. Plus, this process is carried out for a limited time only once a year, resulting in the purest, richest, mono floral artisanal honey that may be a little expensive on the pocket, but worth every single drop!

Sidr honey has a distinct reddish brown tint and a rich, velvety texture. Its fragrance is immediately recognizable and highly similar to that of Sidr flowers. It has a sensual taste which is a treat to the taste buds. People who are acquainted with Sidr honey find it extremely addictive and tantalizing, describing its taste as second to none.

Sidr honey has remarkable antibacterial activity that helps fend off the infection and makes it easier to breathe. This type of honey has been documented to be healthy for your liver, stomach and respiratory ulcers, malnutrition disorders, bowel issues, constipation, eye disease, injuries and infected burns, surgical wounds as well as prompt recovery after childbirth. Honey with different herbs can be used for epilepsy or for strengthening the immune systems.

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